My computer boots up then freezes

Hello, when i first turn on my computer it makes a clicking sound then i get a black screen with just the mouse cursor, if i restart if it works fine, it does this every time if its off a hour or so. its a dell insperon 560 desktop less than a year old, ive spend 3 or 4 hrs will dell tech on phone to no avail, they have tried all kinds of repairs, any sugestions? i think its the hard drive and they are trying to patch it till im out or warranty 28 days left. thank you
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  1. Do you happen to know, or can you find out the make of your HDD? If it's a Seagate, you can use their free Seatools utility to see if your HDD is generating errors.
  2. if you have another hdd, try installing windows on that and see if it boots. the same way... or if you have a windows disk try booting from it. if it freezes when it comes to check your storage then its likely to be the hdd.
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