Fx- 8320 VS 8350

I may sound stupid, but whats the difference besides clock speeds on the chips? The 8350 is ~$220 while the 8320 is ~190. When they both turbo boost there at ~4.1 ghz. I really dont see a differnce in the chips beside stock clocks. This is the real big question. If they were both at 4 ghz would they both perform the same. Are they the same chip just one comes overclocked?
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    Yes, one is just clocked slightly higher, they would perform the same if they were both clocked at 4GHz, save your self a few bucks and get the 8320, you can overclock the CPU to 4.2GHz and you have a 8350 for a cheaper price.

    EDIT- With the extra money you could get a aftermarket heatsink.
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