Bf3 $750 build on high

I want to run bf3 on high settings with a good framerate thanks guys i asked this already but im not sure if i5 2400 is a good cpu most articles ive read but it says it must be a 2500 i just wanna make sure it will run bf3 on high settings here is the specs i asked before

Pc specs:
I5 2400
Western digital caviar blue 500gb
Corsair cx500
BitFenix Merc alpha
G.skill Sniper 8gb 2x4 1333
Lg dvd burner 24x dvd+r
Samsung s22a/b300 led 21.5 1920x1080
Asus p8h61
Hyper 212 plus

This is it
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  1. Dude seriously, after 6 threads asking the same thing, just pull the trigger already and enjoy your build.
  2. ^+1 haha
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    no need for the Hyper 212+ on the 2400
  4. Yeah since you cant overclock it, correct?
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