Hardware advice for home media/LAMP server

I am looking for some advice on a new home server for media(PS3 Media Server) and some light LAMP (linux/apache/mysql/php). I want to run Linux Ubuntu Server and use linux software raid.

In order to facilitate the extra strain on the cpu in a software raid config I need suggestions on how to build my hardware around that.

I plan using RAID 6 with about 8-10 1TB drives to start with(depends on chassis), used mostly for HD/BluRay digital storage and the above mentioned light apps.

Budget: ~1200$
Preferred site: Newegg.ca/tigerdirect.ca


Is it better to find a mobo with 8+ sata connectors or put in 2-3 2port PCIE sata expansions?
Do i need a UPS?
Linux software RAID vs hardware RAID? (keep in mind budget which includes drives)

Chassis: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147164

pls help a noob! :wahoo:
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  1. For a linux server of course, your big concern is going to be making sure you have compatible driver support. A lot of your mainstream motherboards and chipset drivers are going to support Windows drivers only, or only a very specific set of Linux drivers, but you will probably have better luck with more business-class chipsets and motherboards/server.

    I would always recommend a hardware RAID system over software, you're getting more reliability and better performance. However, within the budget you are looking at this might not really be feasible. If you were to get a hardware RAID controller, make sure you get something with onboard cache, and your best bet would be something with dual SAS ports, which would support up to 8 SATA/SAS hard drives. Expect to pay around $400 for this kind of card.

    Again, a hardware RAID controller may be difficult for you to fit into your budget though. Getting a system with onboard SATA would work, but I'd be cautious. Some of those onboard RAID controllers can just get overloaded when running a RAID of numerous drives. I had this happen on one of my test servers a while back, where we were running a RAID on eight hard drives. After about a few months, we started having problems where random drives would drop from the array, but the drives themselves were not bad. Eventually, the onboard controller died completely and would not recognize any drives connected to it.
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