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I've pretty much got my mind made up in the intel core i5 2500k processor. I now need to find a good motherboard for around 100$ to go with it. Also I was wondering if a mid case would be able to fit all of my components into it. My GPU is the radieon 6850(is that a good choice?). Im sorry that this isn't very neat but I am on my phone.
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  1. can you fill out the how to ask for build advice page so we can help you better

    the parts that g-unit1111 picked out are good so i would go with those
  2. I'll try to fill it out. Hard to mess with everything on my phone. The thing is with all of this Im not planning on spending over 700 on this.
  3. it doesnt support SLI but if he uses just a amd card it shouldnt be a problem
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