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I'm new here but was wondering if you could advise me, my new build after two weeks of running fine started running into some issues, I first noticed the issue when starting up battlefield 3 and during map load the game would crash, task manager would report that I had 6Gb of 8Gb memory free yet only 2 avaliable.

I initially thought then that there was a RAM stick issue as a magical 4Gb's had disappeared and so ran Memtest86 which showed that each individual stick did not have errors but when the motherboard had two sticks in (any configuration) memtest86 would almost instantly start showing errors.

i have already foolishly RMA'd my motherboard to have the same one returned as i thought that it was a motherboard issue however then realised shortly after sending it off that the memory controller is actually on the Ivy bridge chips now. The motherboard was returned with no documentation so i have no idea what they did or if they did test for a fault but i have emailed them to ask so i will know later on. (this wasn't RMA'd to scan)

do you guys think that this is the case and that i should RMA my processor back to scan or do you think there is another underlying problem that i haven't thought of?

here is a link to images from my memory tests (i didnt want to fill up the thread with loads of pictures)

Your help is very much appreciatied.

System specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
Proc: I7 3770K
Mem: Corasir vengeance lp 2 x4GB @ 1600
PSU: corsair TX850
GPU: Nvidia GTX570

if there is anything i have forgotten to mention that could be of help just let me know

Cheers in advance (Sorry if this is in the wrong section)

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  1. Sorry for double post but wouldnt let me edit my first post,

    here is a working link for the photos
  2. in the pic it looks like the ram is in slots 2 and 4 (closest to CPU) did you try it in slots 1 and 3?
  3. Yes i have, i got a response from the company telling me that they replaced my board and not sent the same one back, however im not a fool and there are obvious tell tale signs that its the same board, anyway rebuilt with the "replacement" board and still same errors, this is obviously cos its the same board but the config is as you said 1 & 3 the error happens when multiple sticks are in the board, im now waiting yet again for a response from the company as to why they said they sent a replacement board when clearly it is the same one
  4. I read that several people complaining about slots 2 and 4 not working. I also saw several with random freezes. I would say if you had some different Ram sticks to try and they don't work either it is a MB problem. I hope Gigabyte solves it soon. I had a P67 ASUS MB that didn't work right for over a year, then ASUS posted a Bios fix and all was right, the only note in the bios description says fixed stability issues...
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