Stuck between graphic card and psu

i was going to buy a new graphic card gtx 550ti but i found out that i will be needing a good psu
as well and i dont have that much budget .so i have two choice
gts 250 1gb and a good psu
or gtx 550ti and a bad psu

which one should i choice and if i choice gts 250 will i be able to play modern games smoothly

gtx 550 ti price 185$ good psu price 139$=324$
gts 250 price 116$ bad psu price 34$ =150$

my budget 209$

and if there is any other recommendation
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  1. Where the hell do you live? :heink:
  2. Yeah you can get both if you can pay for shipping. In UK/canada there are alternative stores as well.

    You don't need to pay $100 for a good PSU.
  3. You present a couple of false dilemmas. In no universe should you be considering a 550 ti, get a 7770 instead. And there are a slew of quality power supplies available in the range of $34-$139, that covers so much ground it's ridiculous. Get the PSU that rolli or Emerald suggested and a 7770.
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