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Hi, I just bought a Thermaltake V4 Black case. I have a problem that I can't fit my extra 120x120x25mm case fan at the top part of the case because there's not enough space between the top and the motherboard. So do anyone have any suggestion of how to solve this problem? I tried to find thinner fan online but not much result. Also, in the instruction manual, it says that "If you’re installing a top-front fan on the case, please do not install the first 5.25” bay device" in the warning part. Do anyone knows why?
Thanks, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me out here.
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    maybe you can find one on the egg ? but that will fit its 120mm x 120mm x 12mm vs 120mm x 120mm x 25mm, thinnest fan I know of comes in 4 RPMs and does some good CFM.
    Not sure on the 5.25" bay tho seems weird since its not even close.
  2. thanks man. The only thin fan i found on egg is the scythe one but it's discontinued.
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