Upgrade from nVidia GT 240

I've got an nVidia GT 240 with 1 Gig of DDR5, on a Dell 350 Watt desktop.

Is there any card that will give better performance while staying within my desktop's 350 watt power supply?

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  1. What's your budget?
  2. Budget is $200-$400.
  3. Well, that's a huge gap. Let's say it's $300:

    Power supply: Corsair CX 500 - $59.99
    Graphics card: HIS Radeon HD 7850 - $239.99

    Total: $299.98.
  4. I am actually interested in keeping my power supply.

    Is there anything faster than my current video card that doesn't use more power?
  5. Thing is, without better power supply, the best you can use is HD 7750. If you change out PSU, you can get twice as powerful card - either GTX 560 Ti or HD 7850. It fits in your budget, so why don't you want to swap out your power supply?
  6. I am not very good at wiring, and changing psu seems pretty involved.

    Is there anything in the nVidia line that's more powerful than a 240 but doesn't use more power?
  7. Not really. Though, changing PSU is pretty easy.
  8. When I opened my PC, I saw a whole lot of wires neatly tucked right where they need to go. I do not think I re-create that.
  9. How about a GT 640?

    With 384 CUDAs and GDDR5, it should be faster than the GT 240, and it has a TDP of less than 75 Watt.

    Right now it's only OEM, but it should be released into retail at some point, and a fairly low price I would guess.
  10. malmental, thanks for the video. I just noticed it. I will check it out soon.
  11. A few months according to anandtech.

    My upgrade plans are:

    (1) First, upgrade mobo, CPU and RAM.
    (2) Next, add SSD drive (probably using SRT caching).
    (3) Upgrade PSU and/or GPU.
    (4) Upgrade case to house more hard drives.
    (5) Upgrade monitor.

    I might need the PSU sooner, because the current PSU has only 4 SATA connections.
  12. How big of an SSD do you need for Win 7?
  13. Best answer selected by ratsa.
  14. My psu only has 4 SATA connectors and I already have 3 hard drives and a DVD, so I will need a new psu whether for the GPU or the SATA.

    How does this Corsair 850W look? Corsair CMPSU-850TXV2
  15. Quote:
    SRT caching is not worth it, just run straight SSD.

    My Lightroom Preview cache is several hundred gigabytes and growing; straight SSD is not an affordable option. You think SRT is not useful for a drive like this?
  16. Thanks! I was looking at Crucial Adrenaline because I can use it with my current mobo, but then I said why not wait for mobo that supports SRT?

    Have you seen anything that compares the two technologies?
  17. But 1 TB of straight SSD costs over $1,000. You seem to like Adrenaline more than Intel SRT?
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