Underperforming GTX 570 Ti

That should be 560, not 570.


i5 650 @ 3.2ghz
Foxconn H55MXV
MSI N560 GTX-Ti (OCed to 950/2085)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Playing 1920 x 1080 resolution.

I just upgraded from a GTX 460 768mb to the 560 mentioned and I don't seem to be getting the frames that other people purport to have. Granted I know I'm using a dual core but for games such as Crysis Warhead I would have thought it would have been sufficient. Others with the same card appear to get very playable frames with everything maxed on DX10 whereas I seem to be getting around 20fps at the best of times (a few more at DX9 but not much).

Witcher 2 on max (bar ubersampling and cinematic DOF) nets me around 25 - 34 which again striked me a little low, even dropping to 20fps when confronted with God rays (this all might be attributed to CPU but even at lower resolutions I never get close to 60fps).

When running Crysis Warhead, task manager reports 30% odd CPU usage and Afterburner reports 99% GPU usage.

I've run Driver Sweeper and disk cleanup. Seemed to make no difference.

Am I expecting too much of the card or is something amiss?

Thanks, Joe.
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  1. That should be 560, not 570.
  2. Update your drivers to 301.24:


    296.10 are very poor edition. Also, make sure you do a clean install. I have GTX 560 Ti, and your frame rates indeed seem low.
  3. That didn't seem to make any difference I'm afraid. Thanks though.
  4. For clarification, I'm running an exceptionally cheap and nasty 750 watt PSU. I believe it's a Winpower plus 750w.

    This basically: http://www.cclonline.com/images/avante/Winpowerplus2_LargeProductImage.jpg

    Can I assume this might be the culprit, underpowering my card?
  5. Yeah... I know I'm playing a dangerous game with that PSU. I think it's about time I took the sensible option.

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