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Has anyone actually tried the Rosewill FBM-02?

I was just wondering. It seems like a nice budget case, and I'd like to know what people think of it, in terms of noise, airflow, ease to build, aesthetics, etc...

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  1. The reviews on newegg handle that category of information nicely.

    Otherwise I guess you'll have to go with your gut. Most of the guys on here probably don't buy such budget cases unless they are making it for someone else..
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    Ouch, that doesn't look very sturdy.
    If you're looking for a budget case, my recommendation is the NXZT Gamma Classic.

    If you're looking for a micro-atx case (like your link is), spend the extra money to get a well-built one.
  3. Well, I'm not going to buy it, but it looks decent?

    IF I were to get a MATX case, it'd be the Core 1000. Just wondering.
  4. It does seem like it would be better than my 7 year old proprietary HP case, airflow wise. My hp case can take a beating though.

    But yeah I'd get the core 1000 too. The $5 dollar more isn't so big. Even on a budget, I could just not eat out once and "pay" the difference right then.
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