460 vs 560se / 6850 - $135


955 BE 3.2 quad
2 hard drives, 600GB and 460GB
550w PSU, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817207013

2 monitors, 21.5" / 1920x1080
Only one monitor used for the computer mostly, with BF3 and WoW at x1050 normally. I also play racing games like Hot Pursuit and Shift 2.

Budget: ~$135 (keep reading)

Current video card that I'm low-pricing to a neighbor: 460SE


The GTX 460 is $135 with free shipping.

This HD 6850 is $135 with free shipping (promo) and comes with Dirt3. In addition, a $15 MIR is listed.


The GTX 560SE is approx. $137 and comes with no extras. This GPU got the best futuremark, but I'm looking for real results, especially playing BF3 on some Ultra.

Futuremark Bench w/ comparison option at bottom.


However rarely played, I like Nvidia's stereoscopic (red & blue) 3D. If Dirt3 is fun, however, that is spectacular.

I'm looking for specific reasons, like reliable benches. I don't know if this 460 is v2, but Anandtech shows the 2012 stats with the 460 getting about 10 FPS more than the 6850 on BF3 -- 9 on Dirt3 on x1050 resolution.

Am I comfortable overclocking? I am, but find low results on most Vs.

Please include information on new prices for the newer architecture.

Here's my PassMark:
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  1. get hd 6850 or gtx 460 they both are better then gtx 560 se if u are low in budget then gtx 560se will be an ok buy.:)
  2. 6850. It perform the same as 460, but with less power
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