Headphone for us four eyed freaks :D

title says it all really Im in need of some headphones for use while wearing glasses...

I can no longer stand using ear buds day in day out, I have been doing so since I have moved 6 months ago due to sound complaints from my 5.1 being to loud when I game... have tried many types of buds, wasted many dollars...
After about 2 hours of gaming standard over ear headphones become to painful to continue to use... apart from one asian pair I got that where very comfortable but the sound quality was close or maybe even worse than a 50 cent pair of buds

*contacts not an option
*laser eye surgery not an option
*as stated above speakers not an option
*must have good sound quality
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  1. Hm, how could we know what's comfortable for you?

    I've heard these are very comfortable,

    What is your budget though, those are obviously a cheap pair.
  2. I had the thought that if someone else who wears glasses can comfortably wear them while wearing their glasses I would have a good baseline of something to buy next...(I also have 4 different sets of specs..they are all as uncomfortable as one another with headphones on... once again reinforcing that idea) as I dont intent to give up on this endeavor any time soon.. and if need be have no issue spending hundreds more if thats what it takes to find a pair.

    "I've heard these are very comfortable" I don't want to hear anything else like this... as it is not first hand experience from another four eye....and therefor has 0% relevance in this case.

    my budget.. as it stands is somewhat unlimited but I will not spend more than $150 on a pair of headphone as I cannot justify it to myself
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    Depends I guess if you are looking for some of those fangled gaming headphones with surround sound stuff.

    I'd take a close look at pictures at the cups and maybe avoid anything that cups around the ears thus pushing on your glasses (I know what you mean!). Haven't looked in a long time but I imagine there are a fair few with foam pads that just push against the ear. Last full size pair I bought were some Beyers (DT311 if I recall) they were pretty good and were comfortable. I have a small pair of Sennheiser PX100 (or 200, the open back version anyway) that I use with my MP3 player, have been surprisingly durable for a foldable design.

    And a decent sounding pair of headphones doesn't have to cost a fortune either (rules out dre beats, which are reportedly more fashion statement!). The Sennheiser HD408s look comfy but depends how you like your music, bit of a bass slant.

    I'm a bit out of touch with them nowadays so hopefully some others will chime in with some suggestions. Tried a few pairs of ear buds but all been too bloody uncomfortable after a while.
  4. Still, even if somebody else has glasses and enjoys one pair, that doesn't mean you're going to. Why not instead go to a hardware store and try different ones on
  5. Razer Electra
    I currently use these with glasses. The only thing I don't like is that I dropped it and now there's a dent on both sides. T.T It was dropped on cement though, when I was running. Very very nice sound quality.

    Or you can use the headphones that go on your ear like the Logitech H540.
  6. Have you tried Klipsch Image S4? I use them and they're extremely comfortable earplugs with exceptional (and I do mean exceptional) audio quality and can be had as low as £30. RRP is £100, but check Amazon and Play. According to the reviews, they deliver quality you'd expect from £200-300 headphones. I've never listened on £200-300 headphones, but I can say they're the best I've ever heard.
  7. Well you have a reasonable budget there so hopefully you can shortlist a few contenders (and price compare a bit as phones seem to vary a lot, a pair of AKG K450s caught my eye for a lot less than rrp, I'm sort of tempted as I miss my old Beyers for listening to music at home, they look a bit compact though)

    Those Razers wouldn't get lost in a dark room lol
  8. Quote:
    Still, even if somebody else has glasses and enjoys one pair, that doesn't mean you're going to. Why not instead go to a hardware store and try different ones on

    -FinneousPJ Because as my tag says I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest computer store is about 130kms away... and because of my terrible vision I cannot get my license... and im not taking 3 different buses and a train just to go try on the 3 different pairs of headphones they have in stock at CC.....

    - Womble! thankyou both the akg's and the Sennheiser PX200 look great :D I just ordered a pair of the sennheisers about 30 seconds ago... Having a bit of trouble finding somewhere in the country that has the AKG's in stock though found
    a couple of places but they have them for around the $200 mark.

    - samuelspark I have got a pair of the razor's In fact its what im using atm... but... I just turn them up to max vol and hang them around my neck... which is not really the idea:D they are definitely one of the more comfy pairs I have though so you where on the right track the logi's look pretty nice but are usb so will not benefit from my sound card:(

    - sam_p_lay I had a good ole search for the Klipsch Image S4... and when I finally found somewhere in the country that
    had them... they had $212 on them!! once again proving Australia is the most overpriced place on earth...

    Thankyou all for your suggestions!
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