AMD driver randomly stops working

AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered

Got this 3 times just in the last two hours, plus some graphic artifact coming up randomly.

I'm using a Radeon HD 5450 with 1 GB of memory on an Asrock N68-S3 with an Athlon X4 Quad Core 640 as processor. The PS is a Corsair 430 Watt Serie Builder CX V2
All of this products are brand new.

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit, installed yesterday. Drivers are updated. :(
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  1. uninstall the driver + amd software, download driver sweeper from, run the amd driver cleanup and then reinstall the display driver.

    works for me all the time when i get this problem, is usually caused by fragments of old drivers/settings left behind or corrupted files which don't get overwritten when drivers are updated.
  2. Most likely it is GFX memory or GPU overheating actually. The artifacts are the dead giveaway.

    When the hardware fails it crashes the driver.

    Try using GPUtool to monitor the temps and try underclocking the memory and increasing the fan speed manually...
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