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Hi. I am getting a new computer and I am stuck on which case. Full Tower (For an E-ATX Motherboard), USB 3 (Front Panel Header if possible :D). A side panel that shows the rig and A red/black colour scheme to mach my rig. I wanted to go for the HAF X.. But the Side Panel isn't enough. Not over 180$ please. Even 180$ is pushing beyond my budget 30$. Thanks!
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  1. Hey. I dont know but my cooler master HAF 932 advanced just came in today and I love it. You can buy them with a big window or a small one. Mine was about $150 at compusa. It's a beast plenty of room.

    NZXT Switch 810 is right in your alley ;) The none Matte Black/Gunmetal versions are Glossy White and Glossy Black. They come in at a $169 price point compared to the $179 of the Matte/Gunmetal versions.
  3. Oh lol sorry I guess you said you didn't want the haf X. My bad.
  4. jonboythebassmasta said:
    Oh lol sorry I guess you said you didn't want the haf X. My bad.

    No problem. I was considiring these two:
  5. ProVisionOman said:

    Out of the two, I would consider the GRone Grey as it seems to have the most room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing. Plus, it has a window for you to look at your components :lol:
  6. Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. I would go with the grey. Looks good. Nice trays. And USB 3.0 doesn't hurt.
  7. Doesn't the Dragon Rider look better? It has USB 3.00001, and on the side it has the same sized panel but mesh not a window. I dont know! But I think I should go for the GRone because of the cable management. Thanks! I wish they made a red windowed Dragon Slayer. If they did that would be the BEST case. After the 800D ofcourse :P
  8. I am going for the CM Storm Stryker. Thanks!
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