Glossy Effect Screens!

Hello Everyone, i think i posted this earlier in the wrong area, didnt seam very active - i dont mean to upset anyone if i'm still in the wront place..

I am on a tight budget and would like a new monitor for gaming (Mostly) [...] 6824262014

I found the above item refurbished.

I currently use a HP 2159M 21.5 INCH. The attached one is 25 inches, id like a bigger screen as well!

My question is, is the HANNSPREE a 'Glossy' effect monitor, like my HP? I know it's 2MS and my HP is 5MS. How can i tell if it has that nice glossy effect?

I really like the 'Glass/gloss' look of my HP...

So, should i make the purchase? Im assuming LED backlighting doesnt do much?
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  1. Your link doesn't go anywhere.
  2. Im so sorry for the trouble, ill repost it, let me know what you think?

    HANNspree HF257HPB Black 24.6" 2ms GTG HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 Dynamic X-contrast 15,000:1 (800:1) Built-in Speakers
  3. Should be working now ^
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