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PC not turning on

Hi there,

I was playing a game on my PC today when it suddenly just turned it self off and now won't turn back on. I have tried useing the power supply connected to another computer in the house on my computer and it wouldn't turn on.

I beleive this is the 2nd time this has happened, last time I took it to get fixed and he simply said I needed a new power supply so I bought one. I have only been using those power supplys that are simply a cord plugged into the PC.

Another thing that has been happening (not offten) is when im playing a game the PC would crash to a random colour screen ( be with pink, green, light blue) with a 'bzzzz' noise. However this only seems to happen once and once I restart the PC and start playing again it would be fine.

So any idea what the problem is? Really wanna get some opinions before I drop it off to the PC guy and cop another $100.. Just to look at it.

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  1. Your power supply is at fault once again. I have a feeling this "PC guy" may be ripping you off, $100 for a power supply is quite a lot but the question is what brand are the power supplies he installs for you? and how many watts? Let us know you computer specs to see how much watts your computer utilizes in the first place.

    - Socialfox :)
  2. So you think it is most likely the power supply? Not the motherboard or something else?
    The power supply in there is an A1-5000 - Aywun. 500 Watts it says ("MAX POWER 500W") However below it on the sticker it says: Note: +5V and +3.3V total outputs shall not exceed 220W, whatever that means?
    Unfortunatly I am unable to gather my computer specs as I can't get it running. I can tell you though that it does have a nvidia Geforce plus (i think plus) video card in it, and it is capable of running all new games such as Sleeping Dogs etc (aslong as those crashes I described in the OP arn't anything to do with the grapichs card). If that helps..

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    Well there is your problem, you pc guy has been ripping you off with power supplies that cost dirt cheap and are made with really low quality parts. A good quality power supply would have at least more specifications on the website, I mean look at the link below

    Do yourself a favor and avoid your PC guy, buy a power supply yourself and install it (or get someone else to), buy Antec, Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Pc Power and Cooling and top tier brands. Try taking a look at these good power supplies that actually provide that wattage they label:

    - Socialfox :)
  4. Great thanks a bunch for that. Iv read good things about the Corsair? Way to go? How difficult is installing a power supply? What would be a safe watts level to look for?

    Also do you think those crashes to the coloured screens with the 'bzzz' noise is power related or?

  5. Corsair is generally a good brand, it is quite easy to install a power supply. All you do is unscrew the old power supply from the case, remove all connections it has on components and then slide it out. To install just slide it in place, screw it in and connect the connectors in the right place. It is possible for a power supply to cause crashing with fluctuating voltages and in general its usually a low quality power supply. To determine a safe power supply that meets your wattage needs then I need to know you computer specs or just give me your computer model if its an OEM one (you bought pre-built at a store).

    - Socialfox :)
  6. Yeah unfortunatly it was a custom built PC which was handed down to me. I will try and get the specs tonight and get back to you.

  7. So iv found the old order receipt.

    Thermaltake Tough Power 750W Modular PSU (obviously this isnt the one in there now has I had it replaced)

    Zalman CNPS9700NT CPU Cooler, 2-Ball bearing, Multi Socket, Ultra Quie

    Western Digital 500G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD Green Power

    Intel CORE 2 QUAD Q9450/2.66GHz/12MB CACHE/1333MHz FSB/LGA775

    Acer P241WB Blk 24 Wide LCD 2ms with DVI and HDMI

    Intel BLKDX48BT2 X48 ATX 1600FSB DDR3 1600 3xPCIex16 GigaLAN RAID

    Gigabyte GF GTX 260 PCI-E 2.0 896MB DDR3 448-bit 575/2000MHz Dual Dual

    OCZ 4G(2x2G) DDR3 Reaper 1600 PC12800

    NZXT Nemesis Elite ED Case Black Body Silver Front Panel with Blue Led

    It also have 2 NZXT fans

    I know alot of that wont be relevant but I just thought I would post it all :)

  8. Just calculated your wattage, this is a general approximation since it was calculated when your build is at 100% load which is rare. Anyways with 10% capacitor (fairly new power supply) your computer uses 427 watts. This build may have been stretching your previous power supply that was cheap which is why it gave up. I bet it could not supply 416 watts. Anyways my advice now is to buy a 500+ watt power supply just to be on the safe side for future upgrades.

    Give these power supplies a look:
  9. Great thanks so much Socialfox your a life saver!

    Thanks again :)
  10. No problem friend, just send me a private message if you need any other help and don't have time for a thread. I respond quite quickly while I am not away at school.
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