VGA + DVI connections no signal, HDMI works

It's been about a few weeks since I first built my rig. Everything works fine except my VGA + DVI connections. HDMI gets a signal but VGA + DVI do not.

I tried plugging DVI to both the GPU and the mobo, neither get a signal. Also the VGA will not get a signal at all either.

Is there something I'm missing? Drivers perhaps?
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  1. Err.. no. HDMI working, but not VGA sounds an awful lot like faulty hardware to me. What brand of gpu do you have? What model? Find that information and contact whatever company it was produced by. (Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Powercolor, AMD, NVIDIA, XFX, etc...). Though, seeing how you have access to HDMI output, why not stick with that? Though, I would still get in touch with them as if you have two dead outputs, god knows what else might be wrong. This doesn't sound like a drivers thing.
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