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I recently just picked up a GTX 680 and after gaming for about an hour I noticed my temps were at 70C ish while playing BF3. Inevitably I increased the fan speed to 45% and now my temps during gaming are just fine 50-60.

My question is if it is ok to leave the GPU fan speed at 45% continuously and still have a long life? I understand that 70C under load is not bad, it's just that summer is coming and I want to make sure all my components are cooled. Thanks!
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    45% fan is fine if you don't mind the noise. 70C is also fine. Even if the summer temps raise that to 75-80, you will still be fine.

    One thing you could do is set a custom fan curve with MSI Afterburner. That way you could make it run slow at idle and higher depending on the temperature.
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