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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some more help troubleshooting some problems that have resurfaced since my last post. The problem that came back are BSODs. so far i have... ran memtest, 12 hours no errors, windows memory diagnostic tool no errors, all drivers are up to date as of 6/25/12. virus scans show nothing. its either the ram or mobo at this point, I think. however a new problem seems to have come up. with in the past hour 3 programs have crashed, chrome multiple times, java multiple times and Starcraft 2 once. also i have had "the instruction at XXXX can not be written" or something like that. does this point directly to the Ram?
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z77
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (no overclock)
GPU: EVGA Gtx 560 ti 448
SSD: ocz vertex 4 (boot)
HDD 1: 500 GB seagate data drive
HDD 2: 320GB Western digital drive (has Ubuntu installed)
PSU: XFX 750 watt silver psu

Thanks Jason <--- link to dump file codes
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  1. Have you tried your RAM sticks separately? You didn't list them, by the way.
    If it's at all possible, get hold of a friend's RAM to try.
  2. oh sorry about that the ram is PNY 16GB (4 x 4GB) 1.65v 1600. i haven't tried the sticks separate. I also do not have other ram I can try.
  3. Trying the sticks separately is the first step in any RAM-related investigation. No friends with builds?
  4. Ok ill start testing the sticks one by one. being 16, not many of my friends have ram they are willing to hand out. I have a old comp i can get some off of if its ddr3 but i don't think it is.
  5. Hey, I had at least three friends with build when I was 16. Network!
  6. My old comp was ddr2 so that's a no. Working on getting some other ram. I have tested half the sticks on mem test for an hour and a half each, no errors so far.
  7. I could be totally wrong but whenever I see any error of writing to or even programs crashing I instantly look at my hard drive. I see you have 3 drives, are the programs that crash on the same drive? If so can you unplug one of the drives reboot is it any more stable?

    Do the programs not crash unless you have multiple windows open?If you've done a 12 hour ram test and the programs are crashing without many windows open I'd have to put up an argument that the RAM is probably Ok, but then again even though I have a bachelors in IT, its in programming not hardware so what do I know. ;)

    Those are some questions that will definitely help you narrow it down.
  8. I only use 2 of the 3 drives and the programs that crash are on both drives,the ssd and sea gate drive. I've only had 2 or 3 windows open during the crashes. Could it be my ssd? Because I had this problem before, I wiped my ssd because of a firmware update and the problem seemed to go away. Until now.

    EDIT: the last stick has a half an hour left and no errors on all 4.
  9. well i got two more BSODs. here are the details on the crash.

    Bug Check code: 0x0000003b
    Caused by: ntoskrnl.exe

    Bug check code: 0x00000018
    Caused by: notskrnl.ece
  10. Are you using McAfee or any virus program? Is this windows program a bought software or a downloaded version? What is happening it seems is something is conflicting with your windows kernel and causing it to crash, it could be the disk can't access something due to a bad disk or it could be a program or even driver you've loaded. If your SSD is the boot drive then thats where i'd suspect the problem to be, whether its the drive itself or something you've installed onto it.
  11. My anti-virus programs are Norton security suite and melwarebytes anti-melware and comcast constant guard i think that program is bundled with norton.

    I guess i can shoot a email to ocz tech support about the drive.
  12. Bump

    ocz tech support had me test the drive for errors and it came up clean. its not the drive.

    I ran windows driver verifier and it caused the crash about 2 minutes after boot. so would this point to a driver problem, rather than hardware?
  13. Try checking to see if there's a firmware update for your SSD.

    It may be an issue with a mem slot on the mobo. 1 4gb memory stick is enough to game on. Try using just one stick in mem slot 1 during a gaming session to see if the issue repeats. The mobo manual will tell you which mem slot is 1, 2,, 3 and 4.

  14. The ssd firmware is up to date ill try swapping sticks
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