Is this Graphics Card Compatible? please about to buy!

MY SPECS: I have a Dell DImension 3100. Windows 7 Ultimate. 3GB's RAM.
Intel Pentium 4 3.00Ghz 2.99Ghz

I am in need of graphics card and I was thinking this one- NEW 3D Video Card VGA nVIDIA GeForce 6200 256 MB PCI

My pc specs off dell's website -

The PSU for this card is 300w but other sites say they can run it fine on 130w so I don't really think that is a problem.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. uh..... WHats your budget? i mean you can so many better cards than a 6200
  2. look inside and see if you have a agp or pcie slot
    pcie is better and faster you could get the newest low end card
    with agp your choices are more limited (brown in color)
    if you have only pci (whhite slots) then you are really limited
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