Upgrade from 8800 GTX to 550 TI

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help answer a question I am having. I am looking to do a few small upgrades to my current computer until I am able to purchase a new one.

My biggest question is that I am wondering if I will be ok upgrading my current graphic card with a new one. I currently have a Geforce 8800 GTX and was looking at getting a Geforce GTX 550 TI. Wondering if I will end up seeing some bottleneck also.

My current system specs are:

64 bit Windows 7 OS
4 gb DDR2 Ram (Going to be upgrading it also to 8 gb)
Intel Duo Core 2 E6750 CPU @2.66 ghz 2.67 ghz
750W PSU

So any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Your current CPU will bottleneck the 550ti. However a good C2Q can do a good job keeping up to it.
  2. Yes,your cpu will bottleneck it but you can overclock your processor to get better results.

    Your 550Ti will really create a difference from 8800 which is worth the upgrade.

    Just simply overclock your processor to the highest and your processor will not bottleneck your graphics card.
    While overclocking please get a better after market cooler for your processor to keep it safe from thermal heating problem.
  3. Thanks but I guess my processor is locked since this is a dell. So I will just hold off on the gpu upgrade for now.

    Thanks again for the advice and responses
  4. It wont bottleneck it that bad and you will see a big difference in games reguardless.
  5. if your going to upgrade your gpu, you might as well spend $30-$50 (depending which u choose) and go with the 560 (non ti) its decently better than the 550 ti in price for performance. that way when u upgrade ur cpu and such the gpu will accommodate the rest better.

    ALSO, DONTwaste your money on another 4 gb's of ddr2 memory, save that dough for a cpu, mb and ddr3 upgrade
  6. agree with imonlymyself
  7. oh yeah, also stay intel. the top amd cpu (the 8150) cost the same as intel 2500k & 3570k and benchmarks at 50-65% of the performance as of intel i5
  8. Well I had 4 gb of PC2-5300 Ram and I got 2 4gb kits of PC-6400 patriot ram for pretty cheap. I have had this computer for like 6 years. Its a Dell XPS 720. I went all out when I bought it so I am actually able to run every game that has came out. I am just now starting to see some issues with games like GW2 and such so I wanted to do a couple of small upgrades b/c I can't really afford to buy a new PC right now. I am going to possibly just try and build my own but right now I just wanted to make sure I can play GW2 without problems.

    I am pretty sure if I buy a new CPU i will have to get a new mobo also so I might as well just start building a new one lol. But thanks for all the replies and such guys. I will prob just get a new GPU and start saving to get a new mobo and cpu also.
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