A fair price for selling these components.

AMD Phenom II x4 840 3.2GHZ (Never Overclocked)
12GB DDR3 Ram
Biostar Motherboard AM3 Socket, supports upto AMD 1100T 6 core cpu
EVGA Nvidia GTX 550 ti superclocked edition 1GB GDDR5 -Already factory overclocked
22" Samsung LED display 1920x1080

Trying to get a fair price for all of this. I had it in a build but and decided to sell it to help build my new machine. Someone want to buy the parts and not the full machine. They say they already have a case, and stuff they they picked out. Any ideas of a fair asking price. The LED monitor is probably only 3 months old at most. Thanks for all the help!

Oh, even if some are different prices, it'll at least get me an idea and ballpark to work with. Thanks!
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  1. $300-$400 for all.
  2. i would say around 300 bucks for all of it
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    Is the "monitor" a tv? I can t find a 1080 monitor on newegg.
    samsung tv 200 (newegg)
    550Ti 100 after rebates
    phenom <$95 I'll say 80
    mobo 50
    ram 60
    total of non tv 290 *.5 because its used
    TV its almost new 200*.75 still used =150
    150+150 = $300
  4. Monitor is NOT a TV, it is a 22" VGA Samsung LED Monitor. Honestly I think I remember how much I payed and that was $150.
  5. What would you pay for them? Personally, I NEVER pay over 50% of new for anything used and if it's computer stuff I must know the PO.
  6. I don't think you would get much. Maybe $75 for the monitor, $50 for the 550ti, $50 for the mobo, $25 for the ram, and maybe $30 for the 840.
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