Gtx 560 Ti and E5200

Hello mates:

I've just bought my new Gtx 560 ( I can't wait for it to arrive :D)
I have my E5200 OCed to 3.6 Ghz (Yes, I'm using stock cooler) and I know the GPU will be bottlenecked, but I want to know if it will be a lot. If it is neccesary I could try raising my OC a little more.
What do you think??
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  1. It's a stretch, but shouldn't be too bad.
  2. Ok thanks. When I have the money I will buy the cooler. :D
  3. You wont be bottlenecked as long as you have a good overclock and a decent amount of ram. It also depends on what games you play and what resolution you use.
  4. I will play at 1920x1080 if the GPU is able to. So the bottleneck will be less??
  5. Quote:
    no more.
    your CPU is that weak.

    I didn´t undertstand you. It will be a lot of bottleneck or not? And if it is true, lowering the resolution would be better?
  6. Ok, I've read that at higher resolutions the bottleneck would be less
    But I supose it is like that only in low res like 800x600.. And in very high resolutions, the bottleneck will appear another time.
    Am I wrong?
  7. Ok. Thanks a lot
  8. You are right, but my mobo has only 2 ram slots. And I have 4Gb because I have taken it from another pc, because I had only 2Gb. These are the problems when you are a very tight budget gamer :)
  9. i have an e5300@2.86ghz and can run most games at 1600x1200, with your oc and the gtx 560ti i cant see you having a problem apart from with cpu heavy games like gta4, ARMA2 etc.
  10. Yes, I knew that heavy CPU games won't be perfect.
    So far, now I will take a HD6870, because the nvidia one was out of stock. But the two are nearly the same performance, so my doubts are now resolved :D
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