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High CPU usage

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June 25, 2012 9:41:45 PM

Hey Everybody

Long timer peeper first time submitter :) 

I have recently build myself a frankenstein pc of scavenged old parts to make a usable machine for myself instead of an old prebuild machine (acer). I have build machines before but are kinda cheap so this is the first for myself.

The parts are:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0
4gb ram (4*1gb)
160gb SSD (Intel SS DSA2M 160G2GC) (primariy system disc)
1TB Sata (WDC WD10 02FBYS-02A6B)
XFX Radeon 5770 1GB DDR5
WIN7 Home Pre 64BIT SP1
550W PSU (budget name can't remember)

Everything works ok and i am able to use the computer for most tasks


1. It takes a long time for the bios to start (about 30-1 min for asus post picture) (might be the Ram i haven't run memtest yet as it seems "everything" works okay)

2. If i'm playing a game (example . Diablo 3 high settings) and skyping and streaming some music or hearing music from winamp i will get lag/stutter. and the cpu will lie about 92-100%. I can limit this stutter by lowering graphics and alike. I did not have this problem on my prebuild vista computer (with 4gb ram, amd 6000+ and 5770 gfx) so i find i weird that i have it know.
The cpu Idles around 3-8% and Ram usage at 1.38
Temps are fine (idle 38-40c* load max 65c*)

3. It is not possible to view youtube and playflash game at the same time. it will be incredible slow (lagging) flash has been updated and unistalled and installed without effect... tried Firefox and chrome (chrome was better but not good)

Can anybody help me how to figure out these small but annoying problems

On beforehand thanks:) 

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June 25, 2012 10:58:31 PM

i think you did something wrong

1: you were supposed to use dual channel memory and not just one stick. one stick will be a bottleneck to your system. to fix it, just get another stick of the same ram

2:can you overclock the core 2 duo? if you can it might increase system performance but then you will need a better cooling solution than the stock heatsink

3: CPU usage during a game in my cause is around the 90% mark so i wouldnt worry about it
June 26, 2012 10:36:19 AM

Hey Big Troll

Thanks for your info

1. i'm sorry i see i mixed up the specs i have 4 sticks of 1gb ddr2 ram already installed so they should be using dual channel

2. i think it would be overkill to overclock my pc (i haven't done it before though so i am a bit reluctant to do it) i have used the amd overclocking tool with my gfx though.

3. i know cpu usage would be high, but so high that i can't listen to music while i play seems weird, especially if i could do it on my old acer prebuild.
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June 26, 2012 12:01:41 PM

might need a little boost in performance from overclocking the CPU if it allows for it
June 26, 2012 12:37:54 PM

I will try to overclock it a bit, i have another cooler that might be okay to handle the ekstra heat.

in the meantime i found out that a bios update might help with the startup time (someting with my motherboard and a amd gfx)

so i will try out some things and post the results...

how high would you recommend clocking my cpu (remember i am a novice in overcloking) i'm thinking 3.2 or 3.4 i allowed by the setup
June 26, 2012 1:54:11 PM

to get some noticeable difference, id suggest 3.5ghz. your processor already runs at 3 ghz
June 26, 2012 6:13:36 PM

So i updated my bios. it now starts fine :wahoo: 

i clocked my cpu 10% (3.27 currently running okay) but i will need to get a better cooler as i'm still on stock (gotta take the mobo out no back opening)

i runs okay and my index has upgraded my "score" but i still get 50% usage on 1 video without gaming and right know it spikes to 79% while i write this.
having youtube running on firefox, hardware monitor and task manager open.

seems abit odd that the usage is so high though
June 26, 2012 6:20:59 PM

it isnt that high. im at 90% on this core 2 duo t7100 with 1gb ram laptop.
June 27, 2012 7:24:21 PM

So final thoughts

bios update OK fixed the start op

CPU load fixed by overclock (overclocked to 3.6GHZ and running 55-60 idle, Max 70 load)

flash fixed by reinstall of OS