Dual monitor: 60Hz + 120Hz?

Hello humans.

I am to aquire a 2nd monitor, a 60Hz one because it is cheaper.
The monitor I already have uses 120Hz.

Will my graphics card (now: 6950, soon: gtx 680) be able to render 2 difference Hz settings without issues?
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  1. shouldn't be too much of a issue but be cautious. let some more comment on this first as i am not 100% sure
  2. My system currently uses a 120hz and a 60hz monitor without issue, being driven by a HD7870 (also using this config for 3d, in case thats your reason behind the 120hz). The only potential breaking point for you would be Nvidia support being different from AMD, but my guess is that it won't be a problem (remember CRTs used to have a multitude of Hz's they supported)
  3. Refresh rate isn't driven by the card, but by the monitor itself. The card sends data to the monitor, and it keeps it in the screen buffer. When refresh happens, it dumps the buffer to your screen to see. The refresh rate is always the same, doesn't vary. However, the rate at which graphics card sends data to the monitor buffer is called frames per second. That's the only thing graphics card is responsible for.
  4. No problem here using GTX 570. I have two monitors, one is 60hz ASUS and another one is 120hz Viewsonic.
  5. Yep it will be fine. I'm driving a 120hz Asus and a 60hz Dell with my GTX 580 and it works great.
  6. Thanks.
    What kind of stuff shall I be looking for, when it comes to colours? Would love to see somehow equal colours on both monitors.
    Does it matter a lot if one is LCD and other is LED?
  7. The LED is going to be brighter, but you can adjust that, and it'll have more contrast, which is a more subtle difference (higher range of possible colors), but you should be able to get pretty close to the same colors if you do some tweaking; but probably never going to be perfectly the same (it also isn't as annoying as you would think, unless you eyefinity them, then maybe it is)
  8. Cheers!
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