Cpu or power supply issue.


Recently I've been having strange FPS drops while gaming so i downloaded CPU-Z and GPU_Z to check what might be going on. I found out that when the FPS drop would occur my CPU core speed would drop from 3200 to 800 and after some asking around heard that disabling cool and quiet might fix this (My CPU temp was a constant 34C while running 3200MHz so i doubt overheating is an issue.) After disable CnQ and C1E the CPU drops were less frequent but still happened. I've owned this computer for well over a year without any issue so my question is could this be a PSU issue, a CPU issue or something else altogether.

My specs are:
Windows 7 Professional (x64)
3.20 gigahertz AMD Phenom II X4 955
8.00 GB RAM
HD Radeon 6770
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W

I'm not the most PC knowledgeable guy so let me know if i left any information out.

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  1. 34C @ 3.2GHz core clock?? I don't know that is possible without water cooling. Are you sure you didn't take that temp when it was idling at <1GHz?
  2. It sounds like heat to me. I would recommend trying a second, or even third program to look at your temps. Not all are accurate. I personally use hwmonitor as it tells you the max temps it has reached..
  3. Downloaded HM monitor and here is what it said.

  4. After running at 3200MHz for a while it max at 41C before dropping back down to 800MHz
  5. I don't think that sounds like a heat problem at all, though I'm not sure why or how your temps are that low. Do you have liquid cooling??

    Try resetting BIOS or clearing CMOS and see what happens then.

    EDIT: well the actual problem does sound like overheating, but not if it's running 40 Celsius lol
  6. Try a BOIS update too!
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