Quadro 4000 vs GTX 680 for use with Adobe Premiere

Hi there,

I'll get right to the point. I want the best videocard for use with Adobe premiere 6 when it comes out. Yesterday, the choice was made, I was going for the Quadro after reading countless of forums that seemed to be THE card for me. I went to bed happy since I had been at it for 5 hours straight. reading fora and watching video's.

Today however is another day. Again I see peolpe stating the Quadro is outmatched by the GTX680 when used for:

- video editing
- rendering realtime playback of effects and video
- encoding / export

So there it is basicly using adobe premiere pro.

At the same time I see people state that the 580 GTX outperforms the 680 GTX when encoding saying the 680 is ´just for games´

So first I was like... and then I was like... well you get the picture.

I have 3 questions:

1) I would really love to see some benchmarks between the two but I can't find any.
2) The Quadro has 256 cuda cores, the 680 has 1500+, how does this compare?
3) Is the 2 year old quadro really still better then the NEW GTX 680?

*I will use this rig as a Working desktop, so no gaming what so ever*

I have read
No, the Quadro will not provide a speed benefit in video editing because it is does not have any Quadro-exclusive benefits in video editing.

Is that true? If I use colorcorrection, scaling, picture-in-picture gamma correction, slowing & speeding and stuff is that still true?

For those who want to help me: I found this a very interesting thread:


i7 3930
16GB 1600mhz ram
180gb ssd for windows - premiere
6 x 2TB Raid-1
720watt cooler master silent pro

I have read and didnt understand:
I have read:
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  1. As of yet the 600 series of cards is not supported. You can't even hack it to get support. Something weird with the new architecture. What this means is in after effects you don't get any hardware ray-tracing. At this point if I was getting a new card I would be getting a 580GTX as it is the fastest supported card that isn't a quadro (and doesn't require the selling of a lung). Or if you can afford a quadro 6000 it might be worth it, but the price on those is a killer. Just on observation, I have found the Quadro 4000 is pretty gutless. The 470 GTX seems to have more performance (I have a 470 and a quadro 4000). I noticed no improvement using 4K footage with the quadro.

    That said, I didn't do extensive testing. I just know in blender the 470 murders the 4000 in rendering.
  2. by the looks of it you don't need a quadro card for what you are doing nor the 680. For what you need.

    adobe is going with opencl for CS6 and any midrange AMD card will outperform the 680 in openCL. Not sure how it will affect actual performance.
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I have bought the 680. I will primarily use it for adobe premiere and I have spoken to the man who wrote this: http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm
    He has a colleugue that actually benchmarked the 680 and the quaddro 4000. The 680 blew the quaddro away. I am sorry to say he didnt post these benches online.

    As for me the 680 does it's job in a fantastic manner and I have no complaints whatsoever.

    Kind regards,

  4. Ok we have the hardware ... what can we do with the software

    Helloo i have GTX 680 4GB DDR 5 by PALIT ... bla bla nice processor i7-3930@3.20GHz.... 32 GB DDR 3 1600mHZ ... i have 1 SSD by KINGSTON witch is 230GB and 2x WD 500GB 7200 RPM on raid 0
    My question is: How to configure the video card options for the best performance on Adobe Premiere CS 5 and Adobe After Effects CS 5 . I think that i unlocked the CUDA right but i still think that my PC can be better on the editing.
    It's have to be some kind of secrets with the software of the nvidia or else ....

  5. esrever said:
    by the looks of it you don't need a quadro card for what you are doing nor the 680. For what you need.

    adobe is going with opencl for CS6 and any midrange AMD card will outperform the 680 in openCL. Not sure how it will affect actual performance.

    I have CS6 and I would love to upgrade from a GTX 560 Ti to the 7970, but I'm skeptical of its performance in the Mercury Playback Engine. Can you point to a benchmark or someone who has actually used an AMD card in CS6 MPE? The Creative Cloud version supports AMD cards, but I'm talking CS6.
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