Which GPU is better?

MSI Computer Corp. N450GTS 2 GB - DDR3 VRAM
Chip clock: 700MHz
Memory clock: 900MHz
Shader clock 1400MHz
Chip: GF106
Memory interface: 128-bit
Stream processors: 192
Texture units: 32

EVGA GeForce GTS 450 1024 MB GDDR5:
GeForce GTS 450 with 783 MHz Core Clock
PCI Express 2.0
1024 MB 128-bit GDDR5 Memory
3608 MHz Effective Memory Clock and 1566 MHz Shader Clock

Is a this psu enough?
OCZ 650 Wtt 80+ Bronze
i5 2300
6 Go DDR 3
H61M-S2H Gigabyte
750 Go Segate
Samsung Optical Drive
And I am still planning to add a PCI satellite card.

I am not a hardcore gamer as I was, but if there is a good new game I don't won't my GPU to disappoint me.
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  1. The Power supply is not an issue. The the second card probably better due to its memory being ddr5 instead of 3, but neither of them are very powerful. CAn you afford a gtx 460?
  2. They will be exactly the same. That GPU cannot really use the extra ram so I would stick to the evga, life time warranty and a slightly faster chip. In reality you’re looking at a difference of like 1%.

    Both cards are around 110watts. The i5 and board will never draw more than 200 watts you have plenty of room. A good quality 400watt would be enough.
  3. As others have mentioned, yes your psu is fine, as for the card the second one seems nicer as you will have GDDR5, and it is from evga, it is clocked a bit faster. What is your budget, maybe you could squeeze in a better card.
  4. My budget is no more than 120 dollars.
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    Well you can get a gtx460 for $119 after rebates, or for $139 without them on newegg.

    Another option is the gtx550ti for $119

    The gtx 550ti is newer than the gtx 460 but with your tight budget they are still better than the gts450. If you can, go get the gtx460 as it performs better than the gtx550ti, and it costs more or less $10 more. These cards will allow you to do anything you need, and you can game pretty well on them, maybe not at the highest settings and resolutions but still much better than the gts450.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for your help guys, I am more into gigabyte gtx460, it's better to buy good gpu once for all.
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