GTX 680 running too hot ??


so i just got a Gainward 680 today and tested it out with BF3, ultra settings and 1680x1050 res (have an old lcd)
rest if the system is:

i7 2600k @ 3.4
asus p8z68 pro gen 3
g skill ripjaws x 8gb
corsair 750tx

after about half an hour of playing i minimized to windows the check the temperature and saw it standing on
74-78 Celsius with 52-54% fan speed.
i was very surprised at the high temps and checked a benchmark showing they ran a 680 on ultra and 1920 res at 54 Celsius.
right now its idling at 38-40 C with 35% fan speed.

are these temps normal or are they too high ?

no overclocking done.
i was surprised to find the card had 1 8pin and 1 6pin power connections, as i saw in a review that the reference cards have 2 6 pins, probably has nothing to do with the temps, but maybe somebody know the reason for this.

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  1. A lot depends on the ambient temperature. Now that summer is approaching machines tends to run hotter. You can use adaptive v-sync to lower temps by limiting the FPS which in turn reduces power draw.

    Also as mentioned above, use MSI Afterburner and set a custom fan profile. I tend to set the fans 10% higher than the temps. So if my card is 50°C my fan runs at 60%. It is all a matter of preference.
  2. Use MSI afterburner & change your fan profile - rev it up a bit sooner and the temps should stay a little lower. What case do you have and what fan configuration?
  3. seriously? I'm under the impression that high end video cards are designed to withstand the heat under 90C. Mine easily reach 83C when 99% under load, which I thought was pretty normal. The 570s I had would reach 87C max, which again was okay.
  4. A lot of cards default to be more aggressive than others with temps. If the manufacturer wants to keep the card quiet, they'll let the card get hotter before turning up the fan. I'm perfectly fine letting the card get up to 80C. After 80C I do start to consider upping my fan profile speeds.
  5. I have the 680 also and i had the exact problem. Turns out ( from the tests i have done ) no matter how much the temperature goes up the fan wouldnt get to its max witch is 85%. I had to set a custom rule so that when the card reaches 40c the fan goes to 85%. It got annoying because for some reason when i set the fan to manual on Nvidia's tool it would go back down to like 30% even when i set it to 85%. SO make a custom rule in the nvidia control and it should keep it down.
  6. It is perfectly ok. The 680 standard is designed to run at 40c iddle and around 78 - 84c at full load, mine actually reaches up to 78. Anyway I know it is a bit hifh compared to mid range cards (my gtx 460 sli ran at max 65) but it's normal. Anyway if you feel like you need to change that you can buy the gelid icy aftermarket cooler which is pretty much like the msi twinfrozr , with that fullload temps wont go higher than 60. Good luck
  7. ok thanks for the answers guys, i have a 600t and replaced the top 200mm with an h100 so cooling is good.

    why i was worried was because before playing bf3 i manualy adjusted the fan up to max just to test it and then put back down to 30% which it was on, then i forgot to put it back on auto so when i was playing my card got to 90c.

    thats when i minimized and got kinda worried, plus i stuck my hand in the case to have a feel and it was insanely hot, i revved the fan up to max just to cool it down quickly and then set it back to auto, and it was 75-77c at 53-54% fan speed with bf3 running. i though this was still kinda hot because i just upgraded from a 9800gt and that card would get as hot i dont think.

    thanks again for the help
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  9. I get maximum 82 degree on my hottest card in my sli setup with 2x 680's and on the nvidia site it says that 680 supports up to 92-96 gegree, so 50-60 is nothing ;)
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