Panasonic cordless phone makes ADSL malfunction


We have 2 land lines in our house and I have an Adsl system installed on one of them (lets say line2)
The problem is when I connect the panasonic cordless phone to line1, after 15 to 30 mins the adsl malfunctions on line2!
I have checked the line1 with another panasonic cordless phone (older model) and the problem doesn't persist.
I have used adsl filter and it didn't help and I can't throw out our new phone and use the old one!
any help?!!
Thank you in advance!
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    DSL is susceptible to radio interference, and the 'line 2' wires going to your jacks are a large antenna.

    I had problems in one home with compact florescent lights causing my DSL to get flaky every evening. I rewired my house to provide a dedicated phone line and jack for the DSL modem and put a DSL filter in my telephone demarc box for the other jacks.
  2. Thanks for your reply
    guess I have to bring someone to check the wires but I'm wondering why it doesn't happen with the other cordless phone?!
  3. MMM284 said:
    I'm wondering why it doesn't happen with the other cordless phone?!

    Different frequencies? Or perhaps the new one has a stronger signal?
  4. You're right! Thanks again!
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