Thermaltake vs 810 vs phantom

Hey, ihave just orderd a new setup, and i am looking for a new case to put it in, i have a few specs i like tho,

I would like to see the proccesor(and GPU, if possible)
I would like to put LEDs in there,
I will drop a 240(maybe a 360) in there
I want it to look impressive, and big

Thease are not musts, but are somthing i like, and think is cool, i have a few cases i like, and they are
Thermaltake Level 10 GT (black)
NZXT Switch 810
NZXT Phantom

i am willing to spend this sort of money, i have consider the 800d, but i would like to have a bit more airflow,

any suggestions welcome,
thank you very much


most of my components are black, so a black case would be preferrable
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  1. Switch 810 is hands down the best watercooling case.
  2. switch 810 all the way.just that i dont like how much plastic there is. still better than a haf x or a phantom
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