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Thermaltake 730W Smart power, Need help!

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October 31, 2012 9:54:58 PM

Recently bought a Thermaltake 730W Smart in my custom built pc, after 2 hours it exploded, took it to the store, and had it replaced it with the exact same model.
Shortly later, that PSU's fan failed, and was stuck on full speed, with extra noise, didn't like the looks of it, so I replaced that aswell in the store.

Shortly after that first explosion, the RAM failed, one RAM chip wouldn't allow the PC to start, so I got that replaced too, most likely because the PSU damaged something else when it went.

Now i am on my third PSU, same model, and I am having the same problems with this one too, it keeps cutting off the power, only in my room/branch which is a standard 10A, not alot of load on it either, monitor, speakers, tv and a lamp.
Also, a few days ago it started doing the same thing as the second one, the fan is stuck on 100% with extra noise.

I contacted the stora via E-Mail and asked about this 100% fan problem, and I got the following reply; The bearings on the PSU fan are probably not working normal, suggest you bring it over for inspection.

One time I flicked the button on the extension cable, and it turned off the computer, I went down and flicked it on again, instant powercut.

List of things I have checked :

Extension cable is new and fully functional.
All screws and stand offs are firmly and correctly placed/screwed on the motherboard, no cables are on the motherboard either.
I've tried placing the computer on another branch / another floor and it doesn't make a difference.

What I'm wondering is, is this my house power? running at 220v 10A, because I think the computer store is getting sick of handing me new PSU's every third week, and now they are leaning towards the fact that it might be my electricity, and not just the Thermaltakes.
According to my calculations, a 730W system shouldn't take more then 3.2A and 10A should easily handle this stress.

[This all happened within 2-3 months]

My system specs are the following :
Haf 912 plus
I5 3570k
4GB DDR3 1333MHZ
Thermaltake 730W Smart
500GB HDD Sata 3
GTX 660 ( Non Ti )
3 case fans
no name DVD/R drive
a b ) Power supply
October 31, 2012 10:48:14 PM

Hi :) 

Got to be house electrics....NO decent psu blows that many times...

Get an Electrician in to test the house electrics...

All the best Brett :) 
November 2, 2012 2:19:24 AM

Hiya thanks for the reply,
i have thought of the same thing before but before this psu , i had another with my old pc that ran for years fine and still was before i sold my old pc. So why didn't i have similar problems with that one? cheers for the reply
November 3, 2012 11:29:23 PM

Bump need help