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So I recently put together a build consisting of I5-3570k, GTX 560, ASrock z77 extreme4, ect. I have been loving it so far as it is quite cool and has been running well. So just now I am listening to music via Itunes while downloading SC2. I have steam open and hardware monitor in the background as well as my anti virus. I noticed a few skips in the music in itunes and am not sure what could cause this. I understand its entirely minor but I am browsing these forums so I figured I would just throw it out there and see if anyone knew of a possible cause. Again its not a big deal cuz its like only the second time it has happened but still.

So another question is what I can do to tweak my computer? I understand overclocking to a degree but do not feel comfortable enough yet because I havent had the slightest problem while playing arkham city, Diablo, or tribes ascend. Im looking for more general reccomendations for new builders to add some helpful programs and stuff like that. May be a broad question but again just bored on a monday night looking for anything interesting. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Possible that the AV started a scan and it passed over itunes files or your audio file causing the skips?
  2. Its possible that it was the antivirus. Who knows, not too worried about it, was more of a general interest.
  3. Is your AV by chance from McAfee?
  4. I have McAfee and microsoft essentials
  5. I had the same problem as you described but unlike you I grew annoyed with it. How I fixed my problem was going into McAfee, clicking on Firewall and then Settings, go to the last option which would be Net Guard and turning it off.
  6. Any idea what Net Guard does?
  7. Honestly not a clue, mine has been off for about a month since it was suggested to me and I haven't had a problem since then.
  8. Yeah I just read it and it just says that it helps you automatically avoid risky connections and decide which ones to allow. Hmmm interesting
  9. Would explain why everytime I was on youtube or gaming everything would skip every so often. I dont mind the risk honestly.
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