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Hey all. This morning I discovered that my monitor is flooded with little green pixels that are sometimes animated. When Firefox is up, most of them turn pinkish. Now, I have done some research and have heard everything from the GPU, to the cable running from it to the display, to the display itself, but nothing really definitive. My system is a 22 inch Hanspree LCD screen monitor, and 2 HD5770s. If there is anything else I need to add, please let me know. I would like to get this diagnosed proporly before I spend money, either way it wont be cheap. I appreciate the help in advance.
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  1. As an add on to this, if it matters, ever since I have upgraded to the 5770s 6 months ago, Catalyst will install on my system, and my drivers are up to date, but the program will not open. My drivers are up to date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling them, and re-updating the drivers as well. My GPU temps are: One card is currently 76c and the other is 52c. This has been the norm for about 2 months.
  2. how are your temps that high?
  3. I have come across this a ton when cable connections are lose and/or the port on the graphics card is bad but it's usually the former.
  4. I dont know why they are that high. I have 11 fans and a massive heat sink, my fans work on my GPUs and I have a set dedicated fan on each card.
  5. Are those idle temps ?
  6. Yes. I tested with Rift on max settings for an hour and the one stayed around 58 the other jumped to 85
  7. My first thought when I hear a problem like the one you just described is that the monitor has dead pixels. However, I am unaware of a case where a monitor worked well for a while then one day showed up with a ton of dead pixels.

    Are the pixels the same with the monitor on (but not in sleep mode) and the PC off or disconnected? Do they show up on your BIOS POST screen, or only in Windows? (If only in Windows then you may simply have a software problem.)

    That said, here are the steps I would take to troubleshoot the problem and attempt to identify the cause:

    1) Hard power cycle the monitor and restart (or cold boot) the PC. Unplug the monitor power cord, give a 30 count, and plug it back in.

    2) Try connecting the monitor with a different cable. If you are currently using a VGA connection then switch to DVI and vice-versa. If the problem goes away then you have narrowed the source to one of the connections or the cable. Try reconnecting the old cable, making sure you get it in both ends securely, and see if the problem returns. If it does, move on to the next steps.

    3) Connect the monitor to a different computer (or any other device) with the same cable. If this fixes the problem then the problem obviously lies with your PC (Step 5). If not then it is the cable or you monitor (Step 4).

    4) Try a replacement cable of the same type (if you have one lying around this is easy; if not then you can always buy a new one and return it if it doesn't fix the problem). If the problem is still there with a different cable then the problem lies with your monitor and a replacement is likely necessary.

    5) Easiest thing to test is your video cards. Remove both video cards, then install just one of them and see if the problem remains. Make sure you get it seated securely. If yes, then switch to the other card (using your primary PCIe x16 slot of course). If both cards display the same problem, and you have already verified that the monitor works fine with another computer, then the problem is likely deeper within your computer (motherboard would be my first guess).
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