Extremely frustrated, have done a lot of troubleshooting. Please help!

Alright, this is going to be a bit of a book, so prepare yourself. I will start out with system components:

Mobo - Gigabyte 990 FXA-UD3
CPU - AMD FX-8120
PSU - Thermaltake TR2 RX 850W
Memory - 2x 4GB 1866 GSkill Ripjaw

So, the initial problem was on Monday, when I spilled water into the top of my tower. I have watercooling, so that area is open with two fans and a radiator there. Anyway, I only spilled a little water and manually powered it off immediately. I took out components and dried everything, set it in the sun, and then tried powering it on much later. I got nothing, the lights would blink and that is all I would get.

I hoped it was the PSU, and took that out and did the jump bit with the paperclip, it started up, and I attached peripherals to it from another computer and it ran them fine. After testing it in different ways, I figured it was fine. So, I thought I may have destroyed my mobo or my processor. I reattached my PSU to my board, but I left the 12v CPU connection off and it started everything else up. So, I thought maybe the board was bad.

I picked up a new motherboard and proceeded to attach everything to it. I then crossed my fingers and gave it power, and it didn't work of course. So, my next step was CPU.

I bought a new CPU and I tried it out on my old motherboard first, thinking that maybe the motherboard was fine all along. Of course, it didn't work. So, I set everything up with new mobo, new CPU, minimum connections (no HD, no CDROM) and booted it up. It did start, with 12v and 24pin and everything connected. The graphics card spun up and everything, I thought "Thank god", but lo and behold I have no video. I swapped out my grphx card for another one from an old computer, questionable if the damn thing works, but it spun up and still no video output.

I got no beeps, ever, so I dunno if my motherboard even has a speaker on it.

Any thoughts? Did my troubleshooting components between two boards destroy anything, like did my new processor fry on the old board, or did the old processor fry my new board? I am getting terribly frustrated with this whole thing, and I am going to be in a lot of trouble if I don't get it up and running soon. There are virtual machines on my HD that I need, and I don't know that I can run them on any other computer because they are configured for that machine's processor, etc. Assuming the HD is even okay...

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  1. It could still be that the PSU is bad - it could still turn on, but be giving a fraction of the power it's supposed to.

    Any way you can get your hands on a multimeter for a few minutes?
  2. you want the wrong way on testing your pc for a water spill. you should take a know good power supply the mb one ram stick and the cpu and a video card and see if they power up outside the case on top of the mb box or desk. if you can get the mb to post that way then carefully put it back in the case. make sure you only connect one hard drive to the mb. make sure you can get the mb to post and boot. if it boots fine. slowly add the drive back. then the fans and extra cards. the water may have shorted out a fan or another part you cant see or your shorting the mb out the the case of the computer.
  3. DarkSable said:
    It could still be that the PSU is bad - it could still turn on, but be giving a fraction of the power it's supposed to.

    Any way you can get your hands on a multimeter for a few minutes?

    Not unless I bought one, lol. Would the PSU being bad account for the differences in booting the different mobos and different processors?

    Or is this going to be a combination, bad motherboard bad PSU, maybe even bad CPU all in one go.

    If the consensus is that the PSU could be bad and be causing my issue I'll go buy one to find out. I just really hope either my original mobo or my original CPU is good and I can return the new one.
  4. *Update*

    So I tore apart my GF's computer and used her known-good power supply. It made no difference, I still get no video when booting. I then used a stick of the memory from her computer, same deal. I then used her video card, also no dice.

    I now have, in my case, a new mobo, new processor, new memory, new video card, and new power supply. IT STILL DOES NOT BOOT. Nothing, no video. I tried it w/ the hard drive plugged in, no difference. Does this make sense to anyone? Every component I am booting is brand new / proven to work and it still doesn't work.

    I put her comp. back together and included the video card from my computer, works just fine. Had to put hers back together so I could get back to post on this forum.

    I am utterly lost, what is going on?
  5. I looked elsewhere online to inquire whether or not a bad CPU can ruin a good motherboard, and I guess it is possible.

    My theory is that when I got the new motherboard and I put the bad CPU in it I ruined it. So, when I bought the new good CPU the mobos were already ruined and so the CPU didn't fix the issue, possibly even ruined the new CPU too.

    What do you guys think, plausible? Any alternative theories?
  6. So, I took the new mobo and new CPU and installed them, without first ruining the board with my old bad CPU. Worked perfectly, so apparently my theory was correct. Had no idea a bad CPU could ruin a motherboard.
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