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So for my birthday I got a i7 3770k from my dad (my family each got me a computer part). should I return it and get an i5 3570k? I read on forums (including this site) that most people recommend the 3570k.
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  1. I wouldn't.

    Most people recommend the i5 instead of the i7 because there's no real need for an i7 for gaming and the i5 is cheaper, but if you already have the i7 (and got it for free, no less), there's no reason not to keep it.
  2. Yeah, I would keep it unless you are going to give back the difference to your dad.
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    I agree with the previous posters.

    Since you already have it, why return it? Plus it's kind of rude (IMO) to exchange gifts :lol:

    However, on a side note, whenever you get the urge to render something or run benchmarks, at least your CPU scores will be top notch ;)
  4. Since its a gift, just use it, that is like top 5 cpu on the market, if i was right,

    Excluding xeon
  5. gifts given to you must never be sold or given to others or exchanged for another.

    Atleast you're already ready for anything with that CPU.
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