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Like the title says i am having trouble understanding if these are the same or if there is a major difference. The root of my problem comes from trying to decide if i want to use 2 24" 1080p ASUS VS248H-P monitors that are LED backlight or 2 Toshiba 24" 1080p 60hz LED LCD 24L4200U TVs.... The ASUS retails for like $205 each and the Toshiba goes for $230 each.... Is there a difference and if so is it worth dishing out an additional $50 for...Plz help.... and like always and thoughts, opinions, and help is appreciated....

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    All "LED" screens are LCD screens with LED backlights, they replaced the standard CFL backlights with LED backlights which are more power efficient and give better back lighting control.

    I wouldn't use a TV as a monitor, you are paying extra for the cable tuner in it, and they often have a longer response time. Those ASUS monitors are very nice and I would take them over the Toshiba TVs
  2. Hunter 315 is correct that LED screens are lcd's with an LED back light instead of a fluorescent that other monitors and TV's use .

    There are two different types of LED construction though . One uses LED's around the perimeter and is cheaper .
    The other is to have small LED's behind each pixel . More expensive but has the advantage of deeper blacks and subsequent higher contrast ratio.

    But dont use the TV's for general use as monitors . There is no advantage
  3. thank you soo much for helping not make a costly mistake... i really appreciate it...
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