LucidLogix Virtu MVP and Micro-studder


Wondering if "Virtu MVP" has any impact on the "microstudder" effect in dual-GPU configurations.
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  1. lol microstutter is caused by pci-e latency mismatch ie x16/x4 mobo's, aslong as your using atleast x8/x8 you'll be microstutter free
  2. On the surface, this information appears to be in conflict with feedback from a related post. I'd asked if microstudder was related to communication between cards (a latency issue, PCI-related or otherwise), and was told you could have micro-studder on a single card with a pair of GPUs on it (a GTX 590, for example).

    Link to post:

    Can anyone clarify this for me?
  3. Did a bit of research - should do more of that before I post, eh?

    Appears microstudder may be impacted a bit by PCI latencies, but also exists on single-card, dual-GPU configurations. Information here:,2995-4.html

    The thing I didnt expect to see - micro-studder appears to be more apparent in a single-card, dual-GPU configuration, than in a dual-card, single-GPU per card, configuration.

    So I guess going back to the initial question - does anyone know if the "virtualization layer" that "Virtu MVP" appears to provide impact micro-studder in any way? Wondering if it "smooths" out the effect, effectively reducing it, has no impact on the micro-studder effect, or maybe makes it more pronounced in some way or under particular circumstances.
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