My internet is ridiculously slow

Hello, I have 702Communications and it's pretty local here it's called gomoorhead anyways it's soo slow I tested on there site and I got only 199 Kbps download... yes download and all there plans are atleast 1 Mbps + and I know I should be getting atleast 1 Mbps + but i'm not and "HULU" a site I love so dearly I cannot watch it anymore cause you need 1000 Kbps for smooth watching ...any suggestions? or any suggestions for a new ISP?
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  1. If you are receiving lower than expected download rates, give your ISP a call and tell them you need it fixed. If they don't want to do anything about it, look for a new ISP. Unfortunately I can't recommend anyone specific, as it depends entirely on where you are. Someone more local will need to suggest another ISP should it come to that. Consider asking friends or family what ISP they use and what the service is like. Recommendations over the internet are not the best way to go.
  2. try out ?

    never assume your internet connection is the fault if you're only testing one site.
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