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Gateway Fx w/p8400 2.26 GHz (Core 2 Duo) socket P 478 @ 25w. Want to get the most GHz that i can nd not over the wattage.
Comparing intel Products Page I saw three choices.. P9600 2.66 GHz twice the Cache @ 6MB Same wattage 25w. Or
P9700 2.8Ghz/ 28W OR T9900 3.06GHz 35W. So will the Higher wattage chips harm this machine? And before i here all the static, :non: This laptop has a 1GB Geforce GTS video card, and with 2.4Ghz and above Battlefield 3 should/may/might work According to Tech at EA.
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  1. I wouldn't even try switching out the cpu in your laptop. Most of the time, there are not that many upgrade options, along with it being very difficult.

    Also, if you really wanna know, you have to know what your PSU is.
  2. Allready had it apart, Removes out like a desktop. About that PSU... I might have to get out a meter. I'm going to try and communicate with Gateway Techs on This PSU ratings , Thank for the comback.
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