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I knew nothing about VGA/DVI when I first bought the monitor and recently I discovered that DVI and HDMI gave better image quality. Unfortunately I threw these cables away and kept the VGA cable with VGA-DVI adapter attached to my video card.

Question, do I need another DVI-VGA adapter attached to the monitor for the best image quality?

My monitor has DVI-D and I can only find DVI-I to VGA adapters for sale. Can soneone link me a DVI-D to VGA adapter from newegg if there is any?

The reason I'm asking this is because I see flickering sometimes even when the fps is below 60, especially in dark background, and I'm clueless how it's happening.
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  1. It really shouldn't make a visible difference at a normal cable length. Analog degrades faster but that only matter with long cables. You can't find a VGA to DVI-D adapter because the D stands for digital. Only DVI-I can transport an analog signal. From what I understand, you have a DVI port on your monitor and a DVI port on your video card, so why don't you just buy a cheap DVI cable to connect them without an adapter?
  2. I wouldn't bother with another adaptor as that will not help you , you will still have the vga cable in there. Your best bet is to get a DVI-D cable.

    SIIG Model CB-0000J1-S1 6.6 ft. DVI-D Dual-Link Cable
  3. Yeah that's what I had in mind. Thanks!
    Do you know what could possibly cause the flickering? It happens in many games even with vsync on, and sometimes in forums with dark background.
  4. Check out KVMSwitchTech. They sell DVI-D to VGA units (Part #SCA-DVI-ANA) . If you need to go from DVI digital to analog VGA you will need an active converter. You can't use cheap adapters as they don't do the ditial to analog signal conversion.
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