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i'm look for a good mmo mouse for dcuo and wow. i was looking at the razer naga, but im not a fan of the rubberized surface, which is why i use the deathadder BLACK EDTION for fps games. for mmos i was looking at the logitech g600 or the naga hex.

i've heard that the g600 has a problem with the clicking, something about 'double-click'. is the issue solved?

however, i'm also interested in the razer SWTOR mouse. its not rubber, it has more keys than the naga hex and i also happen to be a starwars fan boy.

help me decide!
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  1. The normal Razer Naga is a great choice as well :) It has more buttons than the Hex version and it's very similar to the G600.
  2. The Cyborg RAT takes time to get used to but it is a great tool when mastered
  3. i know its a good mouse, but i'm not comfortable with the rubber surface
  4. I'll prolly get flamed for this, but since I don't have experience with the mice you mentioned I was bored and I thought I'd throw my suggestion out there :D I love the way the buttons are placed on my WoW Cataclysm mouse, wouldn't trade it for anything. 14 is plenty and the software is a piece of cake. I don't like all those "touchtone-phone-arranged" multi-button mice. And if you can't find the cataclysm one, the legendary one is pretty much just as good, just 3 less buttons but still enough.

    If you do go this route, may I suggest creating custom "macros" for each profile in the software, even for WoW itself, heck especially for WoW itself. Just map key-bindings to each button. Most likely you'll do that with any mouse you get of course, but some ppl get wrapped up in the "Oh this button just automatically opens my bag" a waste when they could optimize their combat better!!! Good luck in choosing one, hope you get one you like.
  5. thankz for the input! unfortuantely im not really happy with the key position and shape. i would prefer a more uniform structure. but ill be sure to check to the the mouse out the next time i visit tbe store. ANYBODY ELSE?
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