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i was think of making a new build, i asked before, and almost went with amd, but]im going to go over to intel, and wanted to ask a new question. now when it comes to i5 vs i7 which one would be better for recording game play, and playing the game at max 1080p. im thinking of recording more of my league of legends game play. i plan to build to use one of the cpu on my build on Friday. plus would the antech KUHLER H2O 620 be a good cooler for either of them?

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  1. and i plan to use a 660 or a 7850.
  2. i think even i5 will be enough for the job. lol is not a game that heavy on resources. from my personal experience i got nice performance hit whenever i tried to record a game using my core 2 duo. but with my current setup recording a game does not impact my performance at all. but i think it could be different story if the game able to utilize all your cpu cores properly
  3. what do you think about bf3
  4. it should be fine with quad cores. to maintain high frame rates it depends on how strong your card is. for MP the performance are much more inconsistent because you have to take connection latency or server condition into account as well.
  5. what do u think for what im doing, plus max 1080p , 660, or 7850 or ati in that price range. im getting everything at microcenter
  6. all on bf3
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    i5 would be perfectly fine, a 660 would be a better choice for BF3.

    As for recording, that usually depends on drives.

    I would get a Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO instead of the kuhler 620.
  8. +1 for hyper 212 EVO
    +1 for the 660
    +1 for i5 3570k

    I hope you have a good hard drive for recording...
  9. ok should i go for ssd or a 7,200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s hard drive
  10. I think the biggest bottleneck when recording gameplay is generally your storage drive (that is usually the case if you have a half decent gaming pc already) so an SSD for recording would give you a big boost and might even let you record more than 30 FPS depending on the actual SSD.

    Point being, if you have a CPU and GPU which is capable of playing games well, then an SSD will be complimentary for recording game footage.
  11. SSD with game and HDD to record on.

    Personally I use a 7200rpm with the game installed, and record to a 2tb external USB 3.0 drive.
  12. i dont have 7200 rpm, but i do have a 5400 rpm 1tb will that cause slow downs? so i get the ssd that is 128gb , plus my 5400rmp 1tb would that be good?

    thanks for all the help so far
  13. If the game is installed on the SSD, you will be fine.
  14. ok, would i be able to use the 5400rpm hard drive for recording the game play or is it to slow?
  15. Personally I think a 5400RPM drive will be a bit slow. a 7200RPM would be better, because remember that you want to keep the games on a different drive to the recording drive.
  16. It's perfectly fine.
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