Computer restarts after playing videos games (about 10 minutes)

Okay so,

This is a brand new system. I installed it the hardware. Booted it up and installed all the drivers. After playing BFBC2 or Starcraft 2 it'll randomly just turn off and restart. I really dont think its the temperatures because my CPU stays from 50-60c when playing games and the GPU is at around 55-65 when playing games.

These are my specs:

Intel i7 3770 3.4ghz
ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard
MSI Twin FrozrII 2gb Nvidia Geforce 560-ti
8gb Corsair RAM
Rosewill Xtreme Series 850W
Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus
Samsung 64g SSD
Hitachi 500gb HDD
Rosewill BLACKHAWK Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Please Help....Its really frustrating not being able to play videos is the whole reason I built the system...
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  1. I forgot to mention that my ASUS surge protection says that it shuts off to protect against from unstable PSU. I turned it off and it keeps doing that. Maybe its the PSU?

    WHen I just MSI after burner to set the clock on my says Display driver NVidia Kernel Driver stop working and successfully recovered....Maybe its the driver?

    Please Help....
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    The whole machine turning off could be a sign of a bad PSU, considering that the motherboard is telling you that's happening is pretty convincing evidence. Return it to the store for a refund and get another (smaller as well, 850W is overkill for a single card, only need 600W).

    As for the display randomly failing.

    That Nvidia driver stopping and starting means you have an unstable overclock, you'v probably upped the Core too high without enough Voltage to sustain it. Set it back to stock speeds and do it properly. Bump the core by 25Mhz, run Furmark for a min or so, bump the memory by 25Mhz, run Furmark, etc, etc... Until the the driver starts failing again or you get artefacts (lines, dots, weird colours within Furmark). Then you can decide to up the voltage to stabilize it and clock higher or back off the speeds and stay within stock voltage settings.
  3. Something in the back of my mind tells me its the motherboard...probably because its the one that i do not want to RMA....but I'll try a new power supply this week. Would you say corsair is good? or something else?
  4. i have that a good mb. did you use the usb flashback yet and load the three bios updates??
    0906 is for new cpu code.1012 is for newer memory bug fixes and 120x is for usb devices.
    when you do the flashed rember to go into the bios and reset the bios to default using f5. then save and exit and boot into windows. on the last flash file go into windows after you reset the bios then shut down and clear the cmos. some users after doing a flash the mb wont shut down right till the cmos is a know bug that asus knows about. go back in set your ram in ai tweek to xmp. then set your video card to be the first video device. also turn off the lucient mvp. it a feature that not there yet with the newer nvidia driver.
  5. Rosewill power supplies generally are crap, they are the house brand for Newegg. A good 650w Corsair would do great in that build.
  6. Alright ill do this first thing tomorrow after work...I didnt know i was supposed to load all three. I just did 120x...

    So first I Reset to default then do flashback starting from 0906?
  7. vrumor said:
    Rosewill power supplies generally are crap, they are the house brand for Newegg. A good 650w Corsair would do great in that build.

    Okay 650 corsair..ill do that this week and update all :)
  8. Corsair, Seasonic and Silverstone are good bets when it comes to power supply's. Any of them will be fine, just pick between them based on price and features.

    Rosewill from what I understand are a budget PSU maker, so I wouldn't recommend one of theirs over a Corsair for example.
  9. yesyou want to hit f5 then flash 0906...hit f5 then 1012..hit f5...load 120x..hit f5 boot into windows...shut down..clear cmos.
  10. Okay guys replaced the PSU and so far it hasnt died at all.
    Thanks for the replies i really really really appreciated it.

    You guys are awesome!
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