Sound card or no?

I recently bought the Z906 Logitech speaker system. It's absolutely incredible. The only problem is the decoding light that comes on when a dts or dolby digital surround signal is the source do not come on from my computer. Also it has a raw setting that handles surround great in games and everything else, but if I change the mode to the Stereo 3-D mode, the back speakers get SO MUCH CLEARER AND LOUDER but the center speaker and subwoofer go silent. The back speakers are fine in its raw mode but there's a difference when I switch it to Stereo 3-D mode. These modes are there to make non-surround sound capable sources into surround sound. So my question is, do I need to get a sound card in order to get the true highest surround sound experience? And why does switching it to the stereo 3-D mode kill the center and subwoofer? I know my current hardware is only the intel (r) display audio. Maybe that info will help. I just want to know I'm getting the truest surround experience I can get with these, it's good now, but no light indicator on the decoder seems to suggest it could be better.

Also could some of that Creative Sound Blaster software out there or the Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect Pack take care of this?
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  1. Build in audio input not the best the world man, probably u need a sound card to get the best perfomance for your speaker,

    Judging from your situation ur build in soundcard seems not capable to max it,

    Try some googling for software, and if find dead end, get a sound card
  2. Thanks for the reply. I use the Realtek HD Audio Manager, since getting it a couple years ago it has really enhanced everything that comes out of my computer. Does anyone know about the software I mentioned in my OP? The Creative Sound Blaster software or the Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect Pack?
  3. And what about AC3Filter? Can any of these examples of software produce Dolby Digital or DTS through the orange/black/green analog wires?
  4. I have asked this question, with much more info, in another thread. If a moderator could shut this down, that'd be great, I can't seem to do it myself. Until that happens, please post answers in the other thread.
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