Cpu compatibility?

Hey, im just wondering if a i5-650 will work on my ASRock H61M/U3S3 Motherboard B3 because its not on the compatibility list?
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  1. no, h61 boards are lga 1155 mobos, the i5-650 needs an lga 1156 mobo
  2. No it will not. The i5-650 is on the LGA 1156 socket, the H61 chipset has the LGA1155 socket. They are not compatible
  3. a scam by intel . The socket is physically the same , but one for one pin .

    Forced everyone to buy a new motherboard instead of just upgrading their processor
  4. One of the reasons I don't buy Intel lol.

    As for the i5-2400 build, I take no responsibility for that Max did that on his own. :lol: No way his next build is coming out of our joint bank account if its an Intel CPU.
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