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    I'd spend less on the case . Antec 300 two , or HAF 912 advanced
    more on the graphics card [ assuming you intend to game ] at 1080p resolution
    get the M5A97 evo for front usb3 connectors so you can connect the ports on the case
    ditch the cpu cooler . Not much better than stock
    change the processor to an FX 4100
    drop the RAM to 2 x2 gig [ if gaming is your purpose ]
  2. Thanks for the tips, I realized I should of went with the evo after.
    AMD Phenom 975 is actually really good with gaming, you would be surprised.
  3. Yes the phenom is good , but the FX 4100 games about the same as a 965 phenom, and has more OC potential than the 975 .
    Game performance wont be much different over all , but the phenom is better in some other situations .
  4. Thanks for the knowledge. I do plan on upgrading some day to a better cpu cooler aswell as a better graphics card.
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