Please help me out, as em facing with my genuine problem with my USB laser mouse. After buying a mouse within couple of months the device gets connected-disconnected frequently. I don't know whats' the actual problem is as i had searched enormous blogs n participated too to their troubleshoots but none of them worked. Changing multiple OS too didnt solved this crap. Meanwhile I thought that my motherboard has a problem with USB ports so i changed it too but now the problem started with my new mouse too. I had changed 7 mouse to fight with this issue but failed everytime even i changed my motherboard too last 2 months back but it seems that it too didn't worked. Now I guess that SMPS might be inconvenient to supply the right power to usb mouse ports as all USB devices work properly rather than only mouse.
So guys if u think that changing SMPS would solve this issue then followin are my system configs just suggest the compatible SMPS for my system.
Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard
6GB RAM Transcend
Nvidia GeForce 9400GT graphics
Logitech G500 USB Laser mouse
Numeric Digital 600EX-C UPS with input of 230Vac, 50Hz n output 230Vac, 50Hz.
following are the mouse which faced this particular problem
Razer Deathadder; Steel Series Sensei; Steel Series Kinzu; Logitech G400; n now Logitech g500.
So please do reply with perfect suggestions gracefully :)
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  1. I had the same issue with my RAZER Deathadder. The lights would shut off and for a split second it was not responding, very annoying in games. For me it was an update to the new RAZER Synapse 2.0 with a new set of drivers that helped. Look at your mouse on the manufacturers website and get the latest device drivers other than that I do not know what the problem would be.
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