GTX 680 - Crash - GPU or Game?

AMD Phenom 1100T
Sabertooth 990FX
16GB Corsair
GTX 680
860w PSU 80+

Ok i have been looking around, checking temps and so on. My BF3 game crashes online about once every day or so when i play. Usually after a good 30min. Temps never get to hot. Only temp i am curious about is the NB witch reaches about 48c. I use GPU-Z and the ultility that came with my MB witch is very detailed and excellent to use. I have updated ALL drivers, DirectX, Windows and so on... I just mainly want to know...

1.) Acceptable temp for the NB?
2.) Is there a crash-log for BF3
3.) Any other options to see if its the 680

Just how could i better figure out this problem basicly... I only play BF3 online

Sorry if this question seems vague... because trying to figure this out is kindof... vague also :P
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  1. you are better off asking on the bf3 forum. I too have this problem as many others. It's associated with the game client.
  2. Do you have anything overclocked?

    I doubt you're getting any heat related crashes at sub-50C on the NB.

    Any driver errors or warnings/errors in the Event Viewer Windows logs?
  3. +1 On Recon UK , a crash not necesarily means a game - hardware issue just sometimes the servers falldown or even ea.
  4. Quote:
    BF3 crashes for many reasons.
    Most common ones:

    Disconnected from EA (CTD)
    Connection interuption (CTD)
    CTD with no explanation.

    If you have any of these, head for the BF3 forums.

    It would be any of these, believe me. I see recon playing BF3 all the time.
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